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What Is The Valmoran Chronicles?

What is TVC? It’s kinda like this: Dune, Firefly, and Black Mirror walk into a bar ... ~

Eight unlikely heroes.

Two galaxies.

One epic scifi adventure.

A desperate corporate heiress. The grieving heir to an ancient religious dynasty. A carefree smuggler and his sentient AI.

Each has a goal.

Matthai only needs to discover the truth about his religion and find his spacetime-hopping mate, all while maintaining decorum and upholding the status quo.

No biggie.

Luckily, he has a brilliant progressive politician (and secret empath) to help. Even if that man finds most people ‘almost invariably intolerable’.

Aubrey will stop at nothing to save her family’s empire, even if it means hiring an old friend to spy on people. Or even playing nice with the anti-capitalist CTO of the startup they’re acquiring.

Oh, and her Hail Mary plan requires a microbiologist, too.

And a pop star.

And Captain Zephyr? He just really wants to win a job smuggling fuzzy little murder-pets, even though his AI thinks it’s the worst idea … possibly ever. So he’s calling in a favor from some fugitive friends.

What could possibly go wrong?

They have no clue they’re all barreling towards the same destination.

This mind-bending space opera spans alien civilizations, an AI-controlled space station … and a struggling Earth where disease has recently vanished.

Earth’s economy is … not doing well.

And as if our lovable cast didn’t have enough to deal with, societal upheaval and the threat of war loom over both civilizations.

That, and reality begins to unravel.

Also, long-buried secrets—once revealed—might literally drive them insane.

0ur unlikely cosmic heroes are destined to form a tight-knit team, but none of them knows it ...Yet.

It’s a hell of a cosmic puzzle …

… and they’re probably doomed.


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