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Unapologetic geek. Weirdo. Rebel.🤘


Poppy Orion writes mind-bending science fantasy with deep world-building and character-driven storytelling. Her north star: a sci-fi fandom that’s fun and safe for everyone.


Poppy Orion preferred to spend her childhood in the magical worlds of her favorite science fiction and fantasy authors. These worlds delighted and fascinated her—but she always felt like there was something missing.

As an adult, she realized she wanted more badass female characters in her stories. Women and men who were equally complex and capable. Space Opera with emotionally resonant storylines—but which refused to compromise on the deep world-building, science, and epic scale she loved.

She found some great stories that came close to what she was imagining, but none that truly scratched the itch. Thus, The Valmoran Chronicles was born.

When not working on the latest episode of her space opera, The Valmoran Chronicles, Poppy Orion most likely has her nose in a book. Some things never change. Otherwise, she’s probably playing a video game while enduring persistent snuggles from her doggos, Link and Zelda.




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